Student Policies

Fair and Just Treatment

To ensure the protection of student rights in the student  evaluation practices followed, all policies adopted, procedures used, and judgments made must be fair and just. Implicit in the meaning of “fairness” and “justness” are the three principles:

  1. Objectivity – meaning impartiality and freedom from prejudice.
  2. Equity – providing supports to ensure same opportunity for success.
  3. Justice – implying the exact following of a standard of what is right and proper.


Each learner will be given a transcript indicating grades achieved for each term. At the time of graduation a transcript with all grades used toward the diploma achieved will be issued with a learners diploma. Transcripts for all other learners will be available as soon as possible after the completion of the semester. All transcripts are to be signed by the Education Director or their designate.

Personal Belongings

SBALC will not be responsible for lost or stolen materials. It is up to the individual to ensure that their materials are stored in a safe and secure manner.

Course Changes

Should a student decide that a course is not suitable, he/she must make an appointment with the counselor to discuss the effect of dropping the course on their academic plan. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the administration is aware of any difficulties.


It is the expectation of SBALC that all learners attend regularly and be on time. It is acknowledged that there can be the odd time that someone is absent. A running record of the attendance of each student is entered daily, recording both lates and absences. When the attendance of the learners becomes such that the success in the course(s) is endangered then the student, with the help of the teacher, will develop his/her own plan, which will indicate what needs to be accomplished to achieve success. Either person may involve the Education Director.

Student Expectations

Stevenson-Britannia Adult Learning Centre, Inc offers free academic programming for adults. In return there is an expectation at SBALC that there will be some volunteer commitment from learners. Learners can volunteer in the program in the following manner:

  • o As student representative on the LWG (the board)
  • o As members of committees
  • o As part of special initiatives that the program undertakes i.e. The Teddy Bears’ Picnic
  • o As part of fund raising
  • o Helping other students
  • o Other opportunities that arise from time to time

Use of the Internet

Use of the internet is a privilege and must be used as such. Sites which may be considered inappropriate must not be accessed. If in doubt a staff member must be consulted. The first time a student is found to be accessing such an inappropriate site, the Education Director will issue a warning and a note placed in the learners file. If a second offence occurs, the Education Director will recommend expulsion from the Centre for the remainder of the semester to the Board. Teachers of computer classes and the Executive Assistant will monitor the use of website usage at least on a monthly basis. If there is a complaint that a learner is abusing the privilege of Internet usage the staff will check as soon as possible and report the finding to the director for action.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

A student under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be reported to the Director of the Centre. The Director will arrange to have the student escorted from the premises. Any related information will be documented. A conference with the student is mandatory before the student re-enters his/her registered program. The student may be suspended and/or expelled. After the conference there will be a student behaviour contract to be filled out stipulating expectations for school performance. The student may be required to seek counseling assistance as condition of remaining in school. The student may have to participate in a treatment program. An automatic expulsion will be executed if a second offence occurs. The following people will be involved in the meeting where appropriate: Student, Counselor, and Director of SBALC. The Board will recommend any student who has committed a serious offence serve a lengthy suspension and/or be expelled. Any student found trafficking or attempting to traffic alcohol, controlled substances, and mood altering substances, or prescription drugs on school property will be expelled immediately and the police will be notified.