Welcome Students

Welcome to the Stevenson-Britannia Adult Literacy Program. We have been operating since 1997, both as an Adult Learning Centre and an Adult Literacy Program. We are committed to providing a learning environment which is not only supportive and accepting but also appropriate for adult learners of all ages. Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for each and every learner through knowledge and education.

Our staff members strive to make every effort in assisting learners with the accomplishment of their academic goals. Should you experience any challenges, we encourage you to speak with your teacher and/or the Education Director. She will be attentive and attempt to accommodate any special circumstances or requirements.

It is essential that learners participate fully in their program of study to achieve an optimum level of success. Regular attendance and attention to daily material will result in positive outcomes. Instructors will inform you of pertinent information such as course expectations, requirements for participation, homework and assignments as well as schedules for testing. Assessment and evaluations practice along with the attendance policy will be reviewed. In each course, an examination of study skills will be reviewed and should prove beneficial.

It is the students responsibility to give the office notice with respect to absences. The office staff may be contacted by phone, fax, or email. In addition, there is an answering machine for your convenience.

Be sure to check the bulletin board outside the office regularly for important notices. The Board of Directors who operate this centre opens two voting positions for students wishing to have a voice in current school affairs. This presents a leadership opportunity for all to consider and may be valuable when qualifying for post secondary education and job placement. Please let your representatives know your thoughts and wishes.

Thank you for choosing Stevenson-Britannia Adult Learning Centre and best wishes on a successful year of accomplishments
Director of Education