Physical Education Credit
Physical Education 30S

1.    Please complete the necessary forms and submit to office before starting the

Physical Education Course.

2.   Record 90 hours of physical activity as follows:

Date                    Activity                       Time

          September 14         aerobics                      1 hr.

          September 16         jogging                       1 .5 hr.

          Total required……………….                  90 hours


In June 2006, Stevenson-Britannia Adult Learning Centre Inc. was officially named a member of the UNESCO Associated School Program (ASP net). Stevenson-Britannia ALC is the first Adult Education Centre in the world to receive this status.

ASP net provides a forum to promote the ideals of UNESCO along with global citizenship, social justice, leadership and provincial, national and international networks.

ASP net schools establish a culture of peace; promote democracy, human rights, solidarity and mutual understanding related to world concerns, the role of the United Nations, human rights, democracy, intercultural learning and environmental issues.

More information can be obtained from the UNESCO website, and The Canadian Commission for UNESCO website.]

 Please read the material below and answer the questions that follow.

 1.   What is the United Nations? Describe the kind of work that they do. How many member nations are involved and what is their status?

2.   What is the structure of The United Nations?

3.   UNESCO is committed to developing a culture of peace that promotes human rights and fights discrimination. Discuss 3 initiatives that have been developed by The United Nations to support these commitments.

4.   How does The United Nations assist in the areas of communication and information delivery?

5.   What is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights?  Choose 3 declarations and discuss how they impact you and society in general.

6.   Locate and provide 3 recent newspaper stories about The United Nations and their work.

7.   The United Nations is involved in peace-keeping missions. List three countries that are receiving this assistance and the services and activities that are provided.

8.   Suggest some ideas how you could personally support the ideals of The United Nations in your home and/or community.

9.   Propose an activity that this school could undertake to encourage and assist with the development of our involvement in the UNESCO ASP net program. How could you assist with this project?

10. a) Discuss 4 ideas for informing the learners at SBALC about our involvement and commitments to the UNESCO ASP net project.

     b) Identify a list of learner attitudes and behaviors that would best exhibit ourdedication to the UNESCO ASP net ideals.

 Students are responsible to submit their completed assignment and record of physical activity one week before the end of semester.


Physical Education 40S  

1.      Complete all necessary paperwork before starting this course.

 2.   Record 90 hours of physical activity as follows:

Date                    Activity                       Time

             September 14         aerobics                      1 hr.

             September 16        jogging                        1 .5 hr.

             Total required………………                    90 hours

3.   Read Physical Education 40S Modules A, B, C, which are available at:

Module A: Nutrition

Module B: Personal and Social Development

Module C: Study Guide

4.   Complete the following assignments. As this is a 40S credit there will be expectations for writing using correct format including sentences, paragraphs, punctuation, grammar, spelling etc.  Plagiarism will not be accepted.

Please answer in full:

Module A      Page 21 Questions 1-3

Module B      Page 15-16 Questions 1-4

                        Essential Questions 1&2

Module C      I) Compare and contrast the similarities and differences of both a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

 Students are responsible to submit their completed assignment and record of physical activity one week before the end of semester.